K  A  R  E  N     K  I  E  F  E  R

e s s a y s

ART ; A Revolution of the Heart

      When we think of revolutions, we often imagine dramatic overthrows of political structures replaced by new regimes proclaiming that a new and better world is on the horizon. We think of revolutions as moving mountains where who we are stays the same and the world around us is somehow made better. This book is about a different kind of revolution that begins not with grand political aspirations, but rather, in the potential for each and every individual to transform themselves into integral and contributing and meaningful members of a culture that has long forgotten the inherent power and beauty of all its citizens. It is a revolution taking place in the intimate experience of individuals who could once barley imagine the depth of their abilities or the importance of their individual presence to the whole. Like droplets spreading their rings in a pool, it is a revolution of individual empowerment that holds in its heart the ability to spread throughout every part of our lives, from the inside out.

     This revolution begins in the body, where hands learn to explore and transform the physical world, training the mind to believe in its ability to express and contribute, ultimately empowering each individual to deeply know and passionately practice that they truly, inherently, deeply matter. Knowing when to open a students eyes to new ideas in ways that won’t shut down their own perspective and creativity is vital in nurturing students along their own creative journey. We are all born naturally creative. We are all talented. We are all born fully capable of expressing our experience of life through our art. This is the revolution; the moment of self realization, the recognition of our individual and collective perfection. WHen we relearn that we truly CAN, and we share this truth with each other, we uplift all of our human potential. Anything is possible when we come to know and trust and love ourselves and each other. This is where world peace begins.

So when we speak of revolution, we do so not with an expectation of how structures should or will be in a better world. Before creating new structures, we need to develop the tools of self sufficiency that empower each of us to grasp our greatest potentials. It’s not a matter or moving mountains, but rather learning how to thrive in the mountains. We only know that the first step is a revolution of each personal experience of being alive. Changes from the outside in rarely touch the spirit, and so rarely have any long lasting or meaningful presence in our lives. In this way, so many revolutions have come and gone, with the fundamental experience of individuals staying the same. People seeking thier meaning from a world in which they are told that they barely matter. We can only trust that this better culture exists when WE feel that WE truly belong and deeply matter. We do so with a profound experience of how the world feels different to a population of individuals who are empowered with their inherent creative abilities realized. The arts are our way of finding this strength deep inside ourselves and this book has been written to serve as a guide through OUR shared, and individual, journeys of true empowerment.