K  A  R  E  N     K  I  E  F  E  R

b i o

1967, summer of love, bay area California. Karen Kiefer joined the party on planet earth. And from the very start, she knew simply and cleary that she would be an artist this time around.

Her family moved to Hawaii in 1971, and Karen has called the islands her home ever since.

Her mother, intuitive and trusting, agreed, and asked local artist  Daunna Yanoviak to be her teacher. It was at Daunna's studio in 1972, and well into the 21st century, that Karen was nurtured with the skills and freedom she needed to explore her own imagery in art, deeply shaping her creative practices and philosophies.

Karen earned her multiple BA degree in cultural anthropology, psychology, and visual art at The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington in 1989.  Evergreen's student directed interdisciplinary approach had a big influence of Karen's development of her careers as an artist and arts educator.

Returning to Hawaii in 1989, she began teaching with her mentor and in the DOE under the new A+ afterschool program.  She was soon hired by Windward Prep Academy to be the K-8 art teacher, and then went on to teach at Le Jardin Academy for 12 years as the 6-8 art teacher.

She has also taught with  The Myron B Thompson Academy, the Honolulu Academy of Arts at Linekona, and The Artist in the Schools teaching partners programs, and The Boys and Girls Club.

Karen opened her own studio in 2005 and has been offering private studio opportunites to artists of all ages ever since.

Karen has always shown her paintings and, more recently, ceramic work in group and solo shows in Hawaii, New York, and Los Angeles including representation  by Trigg Ison Galleries.

She has been an active member of the Windward artist Guild and the Honolulu Craftsmen.

Karen Has also been collaboratively involved in productions with Honolulu Theatre for Youth as a designer. Her work can also be seen in IONA dance productions and fund raisers.

She is an avid open ocean canoe and kayak competator, and recently added equestrian adventures to her joi de vive.